Our Story

  Sparling Rock was started in Orange, VA back in 2004 by Tim Kammerer, with the goal of producing top equine athletes for the Olympic disciplines.   Sparling Rock began with a couple of TB mares approved for different warmblood books and bred them to Holsteiner Stallions with this goal in mind.   While searching for another broodmare, Vienna, an American Holsteiner was discovered at West With the Wind Farm in Abingdon, VA.  She had enormous athleticism and talent and it soon became apparent Vienna had far more athletic ability then Sparling Rock's original production.  Tim set out to further refine his breeding program by learning about Holsteiners and how they are bred and why they have more of the top 25 sport producing mare families(stamms), than any other studbook. 

   This led him to Germany, where he met and learned from accomplished breeders like Uwe Bahlmann, Harm Thormahlen, Otto Lienau and many others.  Back in the States, under the guidance of Reece Miller, Bayhawk Stables,  Sparling Rock has gone on to produced incredibly athletic and good minded foals.  Tim began his breeding program with N-Calandra from Stamm 776. In 2011 we expanded and jointly purchased a special mare in Germany named Canturana(Canturo/Acorado/Ramiro) bred by Uwe Bahlmann and sold by Reece Miller.  We expanded again in 2012 to purchase Valeta from Stamm 318a2 and again in 2015 with Grace, a premium Casall filly out of our mare Canturana.  Sparling Rock believes in sharing in the achievements of all of our clients because our clients are our family and their successes are our successes.  We are passionate about our horses as well as the culture that has created them.   We plan to share what we have learned on our journey with those equestrians that are as equally demanding for the highest of quality.  When we succeed, our clients win, and that is our mission. 

  In addition to Tim's management of Sparling Rock's  Breeding and sport horse operations, he is also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Holsteiner Horse Association(AHHA) and The United States Sport Horse Breeders Association(USSHBA).



Breeding Philosophy of Holstein

 Sparling Rock exclusively follows the German breeding philosophy and it has proven to be successful every time.  The basis of the Holstein breeding philosophy is the mares and mare families.  The first mare book registration in Germany,  took place in 1889 and began the mare line numbering system referred to as a stamm.  Knowing your mare line and how your mare line breeds is the foundation of the philosophy but you must also know what traits a stallion passes to its progeny.  Sparling Rock believes in these principles and as such Tim has made an effort to learn everything he can about our mares and their families.  Breeding choices are carefully considered and stallions are chosen based on what they have produced, not just how they stand.   He has seen no less then 3 generations and in many cases 4-5 of all of Sparling Rock's mares and knows the families with which he breeds.  Only by following these philosophies can one be a true Holsteiner breeder. 



 What it Means to be Part of the Sparling Rock Family

Once you purchase a horse from Sparling Rock you become a part of the family.  Your horse is part of our history and we want to assure your success.  We offer a number of services to help you grow in your equestrian career.   Tim has years of experience working with horses and a natural talent for starting horses, bringing horses up, and drawing the best out of our young athletes.  We will do what ever we can to help you develop your SR athlete.   

If for any reason you need to sell your Sparling Rock horse, give us a call and we will do what we can to relocate your SR Holsteiner into their next home.   Our horses, are family for life.