Inspections and Köring's

  So, as the summer comes to an end, our foal and mare inspection approaches.  Due to our unfortunate loss this spring, we will only be presenting our one foal,  Carrington SR - Contendro I/Calando I stamm 776.  We are very excited to join our Friends and Hosts of this year's inspection at Hyperion Stud Farm LLC in Barboursville, VA.  They have always put on a spectacular inspection, and we look forward to this year being no different.  The date will be October 1st, and all spectators are welcome.  This is not a closed event, and trainers and buyers are encouraged to look at this years stock.  Please click here: Hyperion to view the site of this years inspection. 

  Shortly after the inspection, we will be heading back to Germany to visit with our friends and watch the Hengstköring.  It is Köring, not Keuring.  Keuring is a Dutch word, which the German people would not use to describe the process they invented.  Sorry a little pet peeve of mine.  We look forward to seeing the next generation of young stallions produced from the best mares in the world.  Consequently, the sport horse breeding/show world will be in Neumünster, as they know this is where best jumpers in the world are made.  In addition to seeing our young horses, we will be looking for our clients as well.  So feel free to contact us if you wish for us to look for your next mare or mount.  We visit the best breeders in the world, and are sure to be able to find the special spitzenfohlen, stute, or wallach for you.  We will of course get new pictures and video's of our client's horses and of our own horses, and hope to share them with you. 

  We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer, and we hope to see you at this years inspection.